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Ref: CK-8 Longcase Clock

Clockmaker/By : Samuell Jackson of London.

Duration: 8 Day.

Circa : 1720.

Height : 88 inches.

Case :
Ebonised oak and pine.
Square top Hood with sound frets to front and sides, backed in fabric.
Integral pillars to hood with splats to the rear.
Long trunk door with arch top and brass lenticle / glass set in door.
Double plinth to base.
Width at widest point 19" (Hood)

Dial :
12" x 16.5" brass dial with V aperture at top of arch displaying the days of the week in old English spelling and in Latin, together with the signs of Zodiac planetary symbols.
Each side of the V aperture an engraved Horn of Plenty is filled with fruits and produce, being a symbol of abundance of gifts.
Baskets of Plenty are engraved at the base of the V aperture and above the salt box date window.
Wheatear engraving around perimeter of dial.
Matted dial centre with ringed winding holes and seconds dial with star burst centre.
Silvered Chapter ring with half hour markers and half quarter hour markers.
Male mask head spandrels.
Matching steel hour / minute hands.
Roman numerals.
5 pillar movement with brass weights.

'Roman Gods featured:

  Week Day as Engraved Roman God Engraved Figure
  Munday Diana Goddess of Moon. Daughter of Jupiter, sister of Apollo.
  Tuesday Mars God of War with sword and shield Son of Jupiter.
  Wensday Mercury God of Travellers with winged feet and helmet
Son of Jupiter.
  Thursday Jupiter King of the Sky and Thunder Son of Saturn. Father of Diana, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Apollo.
  Fryday Venus Goddess of Love and Beauty holding a heart with a a child at her feet Daughter of Jupiter.
  Saturday Saturn God of Time with father Time and scythe and hour glass. Father of Jupiter and of Neptune.
  Sunday Sunday God of the Sun Son of Jupiter and brother of Diana.

Maker :
Samuell Jackson (1) the maker of this clock was known to have been working in Fleet Street, London in 1727.

His son, also named Samuell Jackson, was known to have been working in London in 1736. It appears that this maker was also working circa 1760 based on a brass longcase clock engraved "Samuel Jackson, London" that came up for sale in 2012.

Price : SOLD

Guarantee : 12 months.

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James Paterson of Banff, Aberdeenshire.


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